Oba Esugbayi 2018

DOS Productions, Stage Play

This is a play that has been designed to forge a powerful connection between the rich colourful culture of Isale Eko and the enigmatic culture of the Efik. It will once again open up the rich flow of the Isale Eko people in a powerful display of song and dance routine never before seen on Nigeria stage while telling the story of Oba Eshugbayi who in a tale of intrigue, rich drama and suspense gets exiled to Ibadan while still trying to comprehend early inter-ethnic marriage which will see his only daughter betrothed to the Efik.

Audiences would be transported to the scenic banks of the River Cross, literally tastes globally acknowledge dishes that make the Efik well known and witness the beautiful, exotic and sophisticated ‘virgin dance’’ of the Ekpe masquerade. We would be unearthing the masquerade in its purest form and dropping it on the Muson stage to the awe of the world, thereby transporting Nigerian theatre into stratospheric levels.

The 70 minute production is Executive Produced by Edgar Joseph and legendary showbiz impresario Olisa Adibua ably supported by Iconic Actor and TV presenter, Yemi Shodimu making his second coming as franchise Producer. William Benson is writing and directing this masterpiece.